Qi Thought of the Day…

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”

-Erma Bombeck

It was not so long ago I found myself laying in a hammock at some 10,000 ft up on a flower filled mountainside in the middle of the Colorado wilderness.  The sky was a deep sharp blue with white puffy cotton balls that danced across my field of vision.  The sound of steady streams was ever-present as if to lull me into a semi-conscious state that fueled my mind full of hopes and dreams.  For the time I remained quiet and thoughtful, my mind became more convinced that my dreams could very well become reality.  But just then, as if there were a force there to pinch me out of this dream, I let out a soft “Ouch!”…. even the mosquito that came to feast on this warm blood had doubts, for it was as if she provoked me to return to a state of reality.

As I sat up in the hammock, a thought came to the rescue, as if to thwart that pesky insect’s intent to siphon away my dreams….

“I was laying in a hammock in the middle of the Colorado wilderness!!!”  

….. just me and my thoughts…  I then I acknowledged that I was accomplishing a dream of mine-however big or small… and if that was to be, I sat and wondered, “What will tomorrow bring?”


Dare I have the courage to share one of my dreams with the world?  Whatever would they say?  Would they share their dreams with me?  I suppose the only way to find out, is to go first….

BIG GULP……….  Here goes nothing!!!!

I have a dream to teach others to love…. all things, all people, everywhere and always… that the greatest value in life are the spirits, of all species, that walk, swim and fly and those fixed in the sacred soil that nourishes all life… To remind all that when we learn to give we receive more than we sometimes ever think we deserve… that the shell is simply aging cells that support and protect this vehicle that our beautiful soul resides in… the shell should be appreciated, but the soul should be honored.  That LOVE is the greatest gift we can return to the universe for allowing our spirits to grow and learn in this majestic yet challenging place…. This dream will unfold through words, actions, stories and pictures…. Spreading love and smiling often.  Unlike most dreams, I hope this one never ends!!!!

Wondering if you have the courage to share your dream…

Please, stop a minute, and share your dream…









2 thoughts on “Qi Thought of the Day…”

  1. Michele! I saw this link on your Garmin profile page and the word “courage” caught my eye. Great stuff! I teach high school health and coach track and field. I’m always looking for new ways to encourage and motivate young people…to help them see possibility and destroy limits that are set for or by them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and workouts :). I look forward to reading in the future. You’re amazing!

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