Qi Thought of the Day…


Life is neither fair nor painless, but it is beautiful.

Take time to open your eyes, look around and appreciate a new view.

Use your taste and try something that dances on your tongue.

Close your eyes, sit in the still of silence and listen to yourself breathe.

Walk into a bakery, stop and just inhale the sweet scent of vanilla and cinnamon and feel a smile emerge.

Wrap yourself up in the softest blanket and feel it drape across your skin to awaken your senses.

Dare to take time to live and breathe, you won’t be disappointed, because life is Beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Qi Thought of the Day…”

  1. Let yourself fall, plant impossible gardens, invite someone dangerous to tea, doing small gestures, become a friend of freedom and uncertainty, rejoice in dreams, cry in movies, do things out of love, make a lot of naps, give money further, do it now, believe in magic, laugh a lot, take children seriously, bathing in the moonlight, read every day, imagine you enchanted’d, hear old people to rejoice, let the fear of falling, entertain the child in you , hug trees, write love letters, live! ” ….. Josef Beuys

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