Publishing update…

My apologies for the absence in publishing, as I have spent the past few weeks healing from a recent health issue.  As my body has begun to repair itself, I am now able to dedicate my time and thoughts to this blog.

Let me share that during this time of healing, my activity has been restricted.  Therefore, I have made the decision to continue with tiny quests that may seem more cerebral in nature than physical.  Therefore, until such time that I am able to proceed with new adventures, I ask for your patience and continued dedication with my blog as the topics I will broach will surely be more introspective.

I don’t typically share my thoughts consistently on serious world events, topics and situations, therefore that in itself, will require bravery and courage facing a fear of what others may or may not think.  My thoughts will always be guided by all that is just and right with a healthy dose of common sense and only with the interest of inspiring change for the improvement of our world as we know it.

I continue to urge the sharing of comments on my posts. Be assured all comments regardless of their diversity, will be appreciated and respected, as long as they themselves are respectful in nature.

Keep smiling…

Michele Marie

3 thoughts on “Publishing update…”

    1. Thank you Brad!!! Respect, it is such a gift we can give those around us. I appreciate you reading and look forward to more comments in the future! Take care my friend!

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