Pier Pleasure

“Sensuality without love is a sin, love without sensuality, is worse than a sin.”

Jose Bergamin


     She stood there with the cool sea breeze caressing her bare shoulders… eliciting a response not meant to be ignored….the clouds slowly hung above her, the sun teasing with warm beams penetrating the blanket of cotton tickling her senses with breathless abandon.   The endless ocean waves came in one at a time… rolling, in a dance of rhythm and control… an occasional climax of foam and seawater that reached the shore with intense fury… a salty sea spray unmistakable and as she licked her lips… the residue could be tasted ever so exquisitely …. moments like that allowed for this shy girl to release a relaxing sigh to the heavens, an emotion of gratitude for the unexpected experience indulged in by the shore.

The surprise visit to the ocean, although a short one, was secured tightly in her mind as if seashells collected one by one, and placed gently in her pocket… holding no particular value except in the joy of the journey to find them.  And as she bid farewell to the hours that formed days and the moments that felt like minutes, she closed her eyes as if to hold tight every second of the warm embrace and soft wet kisses that took place.  She wondered if it was all a dream provoked by wishes she kept secretly tucked away.

Farewell to thee,  for now….

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