Day 96: Harbouring Salty Thoughts…



Oh, the seriousness written about as of late, has this shy girl deciding that today would be the day to share a quest she has resisted writing for a little bit now.  I completed the quest and set it aside some months ago, fearing how the experience would translate onto paper.  But, in the end, it is the fear that motivates us to do things that take us far out of our comfort zone and if writing about it isn’t scary enough, I will offer it up to the world to sit in judgment and perhaps even recoil.

It was the day of my recent half marathon, November 16, 2014.  I had finished with the race and had decided to head home.  But in doing so, I was feeling hungry after running 13 miles and decided to stop and have a bite to eat before making the long 6 hour drive.  Capitola would be the place to stop, rest my body, nourish myself and then begin my travels.   What I didn’t expect was a quest of the provocative kind.


As I arrived in the tiny sea-side town of Capitola, CA, it was evident that those that lived here, lived “Ocean”.  The beaches were packed with people playing volleyball, surfing, sun-bathing, bike riding and just soothing their souls with the healing waters of the sea and the sun’s rays.  I came across Paradise Beach Grill restaurant with a cute outdoor seating area and as busy as they were, they had one open table on the patio with the view of the ocean… and it had my name on it!  I was escorted to my seat and as I stepped out onto the patio my eyes were teased and tempted with the beach-style living.  There across the water inlet were homes situated right on the oceanfront.


The sea breeze scent wafted right up to the tip of my nose as if to welcome me to Paradise!  Ahhh…. The seagulls and their voices echoed over the water to let me know how happy they were that I came to visit.  I was seated at my table and just sat for a moment not paying any attention to the menu that was handed to me.  The sun still a couple of hours from setting and yet the shimmer off the ocean, on a day when even the thin wispy clouds spread across the sky like cob webs, rendered it no less magnificent.  I had just completed a half marathon and although my mind should have been focused on a detailed dissection and critique of my performance, it mattered not.   “This” was my reward…


And like a snap of a finger to pull me out of the seaside trance, the waiter, how he greeted me so… A smile so wide with a twinkle in his eye and an offer of a cold beverage to satiate this running girl’s thirst.  “Yes”, I replied, “That would be ever so nice to have.”   I opened the menu and the items all sounded worthy of a bite, but only one meal could be handled after a long run.  My eyes, as if they were being steered from afar, honed in on the raw oysters… “Raw oysters?”  I thought…. “Wait!  Yes, raw oysters!”   My friends had just recently suggested this as a quest.  Indicating that they are an experience everyone should have.  “Hmmm….. Raw oysters?”,  I thought again… “Really?”  I was hoping for a big juicy cheeseburger, and no, not of the  turkey burger kind, no…. THE REAL THING!   Alas, the waiter returned and I explained my dilemma.  He took a seat and said, “O, Wow, an oyster virgin!”  I couldn’t help but giggle…. “Yes, I suppose that to be the truth!”, I replied.   He described that he had just had them himself not too long ago and insisted that I must try them.  He said he would help with how they are meant to be eaten.   It was the way he proposed that offering of information that had this shy girl’s attention.   Yes, then one order of raw oysters… to start… and I ordered a salmon dish as the main course… as I realized I was fairly hungry and the oysters would have to be an appeteaser…

As I waited for my order, I sat back and enjoyed my beverage and thought about what this next quest would be like.  I remember doing some research on raw oysters not too long ago as I had contemplated this quest… and the one thing that stuck out in this creative mind of mine, was the fact that they have been known to have an aphrodisiac effect. “ How”, I wondered?  If this were to be true, people would be eating them incessantly… No, there must me more to this lure.  Well, I decided to conduct in-depth research when the quest was done, perhaps in an attempt to keep my thoughts pure.


My mind began to swirl about, wondering if I would even like these oysters.  There will be six in total… I had hoped I could stomach that many, if indeed I didn’t find them that tasty.  Before those thoughts could circulate, my waiter arrived with a cute grin and a platter full of large raw oysters.  He gently set the platter down and pulled up a chair.  He asked if he could demonstrate and I said, “By all means.”  He then grabbed the oyster fork and picked up the hard shell.  He looked intently in my eyes and said, “This is the way you must enjoy these beauties.  You take the fork and slide it under the fleshy part of the oyster.  Make sure to separate the delicate flesh with the hardness of the shell. There will be a bit of salty moisture from the oyster, which is normal.   Then, you must spice it up.  Take a dash of tabasco or Sriracha and drip it slowly into the shell.  Then and only then, will it be ready to reach your lips.”  He picked the oyster up and brought the hard ribbed shell to his lips and set his head back and tilted the shell down and I could see the oyster slide ever so carefully from the shell and into his wanting and waiting mouth.  He swallowed and said, “That was delish, now your turn…”


I sat a bit flustered at the sight I had just taken in.  I had only hoped he couldn’t detect the rosy hue of my cheeks as my mind was a flurry with erotic thoughts.  Heavy sigh…..  I didn’t care what they tasted like at this point.. he could make liver look good enough to eat!  He handed me the oyster fork and said, “Your turn.”  I picked up the hard oyster shell and slid my fork under the oyster… it slid so easily, not even a little push needed.  I set my fork down and looked up at the waiter… he gave me a nod as if to agree with my action.  I then reached for the Sriracha sauce and poured carefully to bathe the oyster in a fiery red color… I set the bottle down, and gave one last look at the waiter and he said, “You’ve got this girl… just lift, tilt and swallow…”  I couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh at those delightful instructions.  I took my trembling right hand and reached ever so gingerly for the rigid shell.  I looked around as if the entire dining area sat in watch… and I was indeed correct, many had eyes on me…  I lifted the shell to my lips… I licked my lips as if to ready them for the delight to be had… My waiter said, “Tilt, slide and swallow…”  Heavy sigh… and this oyster virgin did just that… I tilted my head with the shell at my lips opened my mouth ever so carefully… wanting to taste this delicacy of the sea and needing the nourishment… I hesitated not a moment as I was eager to take it into my watery mouth.  I tilted the shell and in one long movement, I could feel that slippery sensation enter my warm mouth with purpose… the salt blended with the hot sauce in a perfect alchemy of flavors and delights… that teased my palate and tickled my tongue.  I held it there in my mouth allowing all the flavors to blend and bend… and then I looked at the waiter and he gave me a sideways smile as if to take pleasure in this religious experience.  He then nodded his head and I swallowed ever so purposefully… and licked my lips and smiled and sighed as a way to temper the adrenaline that ran through me during the fresh experience.  If I could have released a “Yes!!” in delight, I would have… but in the presences of other patrons, I politely refrained.

And then realizing I could experience this four more times!!!!  There was no doubt, this shy girl thought she was experiencing nirvana!


Alas, the oral pleasure came to an end and there the shells sat on the platter empty, stained in red and I left satiated but only partly…  The waiter delighted in the fun, left and returned with the main course.  Though, I must say, I wasn’t feeling hungry at that moment, but rather satisfied.  I sat and drank my beverage for a time to digest, and had a seagull land right next to me as if to congratulate me on a job well done.  He was shooed away by the waiter and I indulged in a couple bites of my salmon meal.  At last, it was time… time to pay for the indulgence and begin my long trek home.


As I made my way out to the drive I stopped at the beach to take one last look….  Who would have thought that this shy girl could have gone off the main road to a seaside town and had the courage to order a dish not easy to eat, not common to partake in, having a sweet waiter to help fulfill her hidden desire to take in raw oysters and in the process finding a secret erotic pleasure in doing so.  No, the research indicates that there is no evidence to suggest that oysters are an aphrodisiac.  Yet, this shy girl has found that it isn’t in the oysters that this seductive and alluring component can be found… no, rather it is in the art of partaking in them, with the right company, the right mindset and that oh so sexy feeling that this oyster virgin was able to come out of her shell…

Feeling sensually satisfied and oh so lucky…. Wondering what tomorrow will bring…




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