Day 94: Adjusting the sails…

“If my ship sails from sight, it doesn’t mean my journey ends, it simply means the river bends.”

Enoch Powell

Reluctantly, I have taken a little break from the quests and my writing.  There were many that knew I stepped back, but didn’t dare ask… for this, I appreciate your understanding and patience.  Yes, the reason for my departure is quite human you see.


Days are always filled with work and life and the joys that come with them.  Quests are journeys that take us to a place that teaches, and helps us gain a new perspective, of which I have chosen to share quite openly.  Some of these quests are fun and light at heart.  As of late, they have taken a more emotionally complex form.  It seemed to have drained my spirit a bit.  My senses were tired and challenged and my body begged for some rest.   My mind needed to recalibrate.  I had attempted to turn the tide, ever so slightly, and as if the wind had a different idea, my course led me astray.  Left to wander in the open sea of life… I had much time to renew and rethink and redirect where it is that I wanted to go and how I wanted to get there.  Realizing very quickly that despite what my plans were, this is what was meant to be.


As the weather cleared and the view came into focus, I was thankful to see the shore ahead.  I was relieved to place these feet on solid ground and ready myself for a new adventure.  What I didn’t anticipate were the thoughts that perhaps this is all for naught.  Perhaps in the grand scheme of things, these words would be whispers in the wind lost among the everyday sounds of life.  Maybe my time and effort would have me looking back with regret?

Then one day I met a friend of mine for coffee.  It had been quite a while since we spent time getting caught up on life’s events and there was a bit of trepidation, fearing she would be upset with me for having neglected our friendship so.  We sat down and after a little small talk, she handed me a gift.  I opened the bag, and there sat a little book.  I picked it up and realized immediately what the content might include.   I had not said much to her regarding the state of my current compass confusion and yet she reached over and gently took the book from my hands and opened it to one particular page and asked me to read the following words:

“Imagine a new stack of crisp white paper.  It’s just waiting for you to start writing the pages of your story.  No one else’s story will be like yours.  So fill those pages however you wish, and sign your story with a flourish.”  

A Celebration of your Dreams.

An audible soft sigh was released and I was rendered speechless.  It was as if my good friend just knew what I needed to hear.  She proceeded to tell me that she values our friendship despite our recent challenges.  She continued to tell me that she enjoys reading my stories and that I needed to continue to inspire others through my journey.  I looked down and tried to catch my breath and fight back tears, as I felt as if I was hit by a tidal wave….  The thoughts in just seconds flooded my mind….  Inspire?  Is it possible that through my words I could affect another’s life in such a way?  Oh, some have said that to be so, but perhaps in my naiveté, I didn’t think it to be true, just a comment made from a place of courtesy.   I took a moment and wiped the tears away, stood up to render a hug of appreciation from a place of love, and extended my sincere gratitude for her genuine thoughtfulness.   We continued to laugh, chat and get caught up on life for 4 hours… good friends that neglected to spend time with each other and yet, the gift I received went beyond the hard cover and cost of the book… they were words that helped to calibrate my compass and help steer the ship.   Priceless!  Thank you my good friend… for being honest, caring and loving…  I am better for knowing you!


It was then that I made a promise to myself to continue along this Quest.

I have learned so much on this journey.  This shy girl has come a long way in finding herself, taking on challenges she never thought possible, facing her fears one at a time, and finding that she is not afraid to say what needs to be said, and find out how far she can take it… “This is not the time to stop now!” I thought.  There is still so much to see, do and learn.  There are stories to be shared, laughs to be had and love to be given.

So, it is with a renewed enthusiasm and contagious excitement that I return to the journey with refreshed senses ready to be overwhelmed, stimulated, aroused and joyous at the trail ahead.   So much to do, so little time to do it… and there is no time like the present.return1

With true friends to gift and guide, having a new perspective, changes on the horizon, and unexpected adventures to humble, thrill and excite… Wondering what tomorrow will bring…

3 thoughts on “Day 94: Adjusting the sails…”

  1. Michele, I have not kept up with your post over the last couple of weeks – I guess we all had life happening ;<) Just want you to know that you inspire myself and I know many others through your actions and words. You have a wonderful knack to personalizing your feelings that bring your readers into your life – or at least it feels that way to me. Although we have never met, I feel a certain kind of special bond. The funny thing about inspiring others….you don't always know you are doing it as many people don't say a word. I am glad to see you will continue as I enjoy reading your posts whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. One day I hope to meet you in person. Keep smiling my friend ;<)

    PS – I want you to know that I really enjoy your photography – your eye for pictures is only matched with your choice in words!

    1. Many thanks Brad…. I am left a bit speechless at your very kind words and compliments…I truly appreciate your dedication in reading my posts. One day I do hope to meet you and your family… you have an amazing spirit my friend… I can see that from states away! I will continue along this journey and try to keep the posts going amid life and all of its demands… I have gone on many quests, it is finding the time to write the posts that seems to be the most difficult part of this journey, but the most rewarding part as well! This journey has been unreal on so many levels.. Perhaps one day I will be able to share some of the amazing side stories… Sending hugs to you and your family from a couple states away! Keep smiling my friend!

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