Day 79: Crystal Clear…



“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” – Nikola Tesla

It was Sunday morning and the sky was blue and the sun was brilliant.  It was a perfect day to venture out to Crystal Peak to garner some strength and energy from the earth’s surface.  I had never gone mining for crystals or tried to search for any such precious resource from the earth, but the sound of mining for precious rocks seemed crystal clear.  I was unfamiliar with the territory and considering that there were actual mines to enter into, I decided to take a friend who was familiar with the area.  Was it dangerous?  “Potentially”.  Would it be worth the adventure?  “I certainly hoped so.”  And the decision was made to go off-road up a one lane rough trail and reach Crystal Peak-a Quartz mine, to hopefully find some crystals that might lend me some energy and perhaps even protect this shy sheltered spirit.


Quartz crystals… I knew very little about them. I knew how they grew; I knew what they are composed of:  Silica and Oxygen.  I knew where to find them in nature.  But what I didn’t know was their potential healing and protective qualities.  Yes, dare I say, this crosses over to the metaphysical side.  I wasn’t sure how I felt placing so much possibility into a crystal, and then I stopped and decided to do a little bit of research before I passed judgment.  According to

“Quartz Crystals have what is known as Piezoelectric properties, which means electricity resulting from pressure, This type of property holds an accumulated electric charge as a solid material. Other solid materials and biological matter that holds this type of electric charge are DNA, bone and certain ceramics.

The Piezoelectric Effect is described as the linear electromechanical interaction between the mechanical and the electrical state in crystalline materials with no inversion symmetry. The Piezoelectric Effect is a reversible process as well which means that when an outer or external electric field of energy is applied to the object or material, it exhibits and equal but opposing electric charge. An example of how Quartz Crystal is used in modern technology is in the inner-workings of the wristwatch.”

As I read this, it all came back to me…The science lessons in school about the the Piezoelectric properties.  And yet, I still had my doubts.  How is it that a crystal could affect changes in my body and my mind?  I went on and found a website that truly challenged my thought process.  According to

  • “Clear Quartz helps people to be released from the past in order to ‘move on’. It amplifies and transforms energy and as such is a very powerful tool for both healing and magical purposes.
  • This clear Crystal can give physical help in treating vertigo, chronic fatigue; arthritis; fibromyalgia and intestinal problems. It is also said to give general pain relief and improve strength and stamina. The Quartz Crystal is said to be the connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind and as such is ideal for meditation.
  • For meditation purposes Clear Quartz encourages focus and concentration. It is ideal for spiritual development and heightened consciousness.
  • Clear Quartz is also an ‘Angel Crystal’ and helps you connect more powerfully to your own Angels and Guides making communication with them easier.”


I am a very analytical person. I can also have the ability to take a leap of faith and believe things that many might not always agree with.  My religious beliefs are rooted in Christianity, but the power that exists from all that is right and good can be seen every day here on earth.  Without getting too religious, or too metaphysical, I do believe that there are things such as spirits and perhaps even psychic abilities/intuition that many have that seem truly remarkable.  I don’t’ believe all that I see and hear but I will say that I am open and willing to learn, observe, experience and then decide for myself how relevant it might be in my life.  Armed with this information, I decided I needed to go crystal mining and see for myself.




I made sure to wear my hiking gear, shoes, and shorts with pockets, light tank and a back pack to store all the treasures I might find. I made sure to pack plenty of water, a few tools for digging and picking and a first aid kit-just in case.  With Siri at my side I met my friend at the base of the mountain and we began the harrowing drive up the dirt and rock trail.  The views looking out were truly gorgeous but as we drove I feared what would happen if we came across another car as there was a cliff on one side and nowhere to pass on the other.  Alas, we didn’t come across another truck until we had cleared the long drive up the mountain.




As we arrived at the quartz mine, the sign from the forest preserve announced permission to take one 5 gallon bucket of quartz per vehicle per week.  I thought to myself, “5 gallon bucket”?  That seems to be a positive sign for finding crystals I thought.  We had arrived and there were several cars parked in the lot.  My friend indicated to me that there are two open-pit mines that we could crawl into but if they are occupied by others, than we will not be able to mine below.  As we made our way onto the trail, we were greeted with two large quartz boulders.  The beauty and size were stunning!  As we walked I could hear the crunching below my hiking shoes and looked down to see white and rust colored quartz everywhere!  The quartz crystals reflected in the light and made a glittery trail.





The first open mine was occupied, as was the second. My friend educated me a little as to where to look for these crystals.  We were in search of clear crystals as well as clusters.  At first I found it difficult to identify a “good”clear crystal from a cloudy crystal as most were covered in dirt.  My friend boldly befriended the miners in the second open-pit and they allowed us to sift through the rock they were pulling up from the mine.  I began sifting, searching and examining the rocks.  It seemed one after another, I was finding crystals of all shapes and sizes.  I found clusters of crystals and solid rock with crystal embedded in them.  As I picked them up I would hold them to the light and the sun would beam right through and it created an amazing energy of light as it passed through the crystal.  I couldn’t wait to clean them up and see what treasures laid beneath the earth’s protective covering.





I had filled my backpack up with my treasured crystals that I had worked hard to find and gather. I then realized how quickly several hours had passed.  The sun was at the highest point by now and I was beginning to tire from being exposed to the heat and altitude.  We had made a decision that it was time to return.







Before returning we walked around the peak. I was in awe at the gems of crystal that encapsulated the very top of the mountain as if it were a fragile but strong layer of protection.  Just as my friend had turned to head back I felt a pull to go just a little further when I looked down and there on the ground was a medium size rock with a clear crystal embedded in the center reflecting the light of the sun as it entered the rock.  It lay with a red iron dusting that colored the rock as if it were a delicate and specially created piece of nature’s art.  I felt as if it spoke to me in a strange energy sort of way.  I reached down and picked it up and turned it over to see the other side and there on the surface were even more clear crystals.  I immediately decided that it would return home with me.  I held it ever so carefully in my hands as if it were a prized possession fearing it would fall and break.  We then made our way back to the truck.

As we slowly and cautiously drove down the mountain, we discussed our finds of the day. My friend described in detail how to clean and care for my crystals.  It was suggested to me that I place them strategically in my house as they have an energy that could enhance my own positive energy for the better.  I sighed, as what was being told to me was similar to what I had researched online.  “Could it really be?” I thought…  I couldn’t discredit the strong feeling I had about returning with the rock I had found at the end of the adventure, and so why would I discredit a possible energy force with the other crystals I had found?  The conversation stalled a bit and silence filled the air.   Before I knew it, we had returned to the base of the mountain.  I had thanked my friend for the ride up and the detailed guidance with the adventure and we both parted ways.

cp21When I arrived home, I made sure to clean the crystals as instructed and took a close inventory of what my finds included. I was in shock at the crystals that sat in front of me.  Several clusters of champagne colored glitz and many perfectly clear crystals and then several clusters of opaque but shimmering quartz.  I couldn’t believe that what looked like dirty rocks out on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere could yield such magnificent beauty and brilliance.  That feeling alone was powerful.


I placed them strategically in my house and mostly in my office as I meditate every morning and ask the powers that be to help guide me on my quest, life and journey. Now, I have often wondered, “Is life different, better, than before the crystals came into it?” Do I feel healthier or more protected? I don’t think so… But when the sun is at 10’oclock in the morning and the sky is clear of clouds and I am working at my desk, there is a prism and a canvas of sparkle that appears on my wall next to me that reminds me of the magic that the earth has given me.  That magic only appears on sunny days… and when the clouds roll in and I miss the brilliant display of light it creates, I am reminded to identify, acknowledge, and value and appreciate all the good in my life.  And when I see this site on sunny days, I can’t help but smile to be reminded of the energy that the sun extends through crystals that I found at the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere with my own hands and a good friend to guide me.  Yes, a reminder that good things beget good things.


Yes, it is crystal clear to me that positive energy, whether it comes from a crystal, or a natural site to behold, is gift that keeps on giving. The drive up a narrow trail, with breathtaking views at Crystal Peak, gave me a mother lode of thoughts.  Sifting through the dust and rock, I found more than quartz gems.  I also found a power that reminds me every day to remember the good in my life and be ever grateful.

Feeling enlightened, positive and gifted with the unintended wisdom that accompanied these radiant natural crystals… Wondering what tomorrow will bring…

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