Day 70: Do not disturb…

“The pessimist complains about the wind;  the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts its sails.”

-William Arthur Ward


It’s a rest day, and you know what that means…

Yes, no Quests to go on today.  The only adventure I would take was in my mind.  In order to travel, I needed to get my work done first.  So, I made some coffee and nestled myself in my office chair with my legs crossed Indian style and I took a moment to wrap my hands around the warm mug, take a sip of the vanilla coffee and breathe.  The first sip of coffee is always a pleasure to my lips and tongue, as the creamy java awakens my senses and readies me for the day’s most important question…. “What will today bring?”

It was time to charge up the computer and get the day started…  And just as I did, I had this feeling…. Working from home just won’t do today!  No, the sun was brilliant in the morning sky.  I needed to escape these four walls and take my work someplace else.. Someplace with a definite view… someplace with water to cleanse my soul and invigorate my mind.


I quickly grabbed my tiny notebook computer, and placed it in my bag.  I slipped into my swimsuit, grabbed the sunscreen, a towel, a couple sweet snacks, a drink, and my iPhone.  Without a second to look back and rethink my quick decision, I gave myself permission to head to the lake.  I was on a mission to find a soft sandy spot to rest my body, while the sun penetrated my skin and fueled my mind…. To help with the work process, of course!

On the way to the lake the phone was ringing and the imessages would not stop… it seemed everyone wanted something from me.  Do you ever have those days when it seems like there are more people who want something from you and there isn’t enough of you to go around?  As if you are stuck in an aviary and the birds are all pecking at you wanting something… anything…and with each and every peck the pain becomes more, but you survive knowing you can eventually escape.  Well, such was the feeling on this day.


Driving up the winding, mountainous highway, I felt a sense of relief when my iPhone lost cell reception.  I could feel the bitterness try to invade my body and mind like percolating coffee, drip by drip.  And as if the first cup had already been brewed, I made the executive decision to turn the brewmaster “off” and then I turned my iPod on and made a selection that I knew could turn the tide.  There it was those first couple of lyrics of “Best Day of my life.”

I had a dream so big and loud

I jumped so high I touched the clouds…


And that was it, my soul was singing as was I… good thing no one could hear!


I arrived at the beach and like a ticking time bomb; my phone had this constant ringing sound. You would have thought the world was ending because I hadn’t responded fast enough to their messages. “Breathe”, I thought…. A couple deep breaths, some song refrains repeated, and the view of that magnificent lake, and I could handle any issue!  I took a moment to answer all of these calls and then I placed my “Do Not Disturb… in an important meeting” shingle out, so I could be invisible to the world for just a little bit.


The winds were gusting to about 35 mph at the beach, and there were white caps on the surface of the lake.  The fine, soft sand would blow in the air with every gust of wind that hit.  There were hardly any people on the beach and I remember thinking that I wouldn’t let a little wind take the joy of being at the lake out of my sails.


I stepped foot on the sand and removed my sandals and spotted the perfect place to set-up my office.  It was right in the center of the beach and I pulled out my towel and laid it down as perfectly as possible.  The air temperature was around 65 degrees but the sun’s rays made it feel warmer and so I removed my shorts and top to reveal my swimsuit and laid down on the towel.  Ahhhhh….. finally…. Now this was exactly what I had envisioned this morning.

As I laid with my legs extended and my arms to my side, I could feel the sun penetrate my skin and warm my soul.  I heard the seagulls as they flew by and the waves rolling up on shore with fervor fueled by the energy from the wind.

I rolled over onto my tummy and I could feel every delicate part of my body sink into the sand as if it were on a memory foam bed.  I looked up and noticed a man sitting on the rock wall that lined the beach.  He sat looking out at the water’s edge, but glancing over every now and again and his smile was coy and perhaps suggestive.  I closed my eyes, rested my head on my folded hands that were crossed in front of me…and before I knew it, my mind had floated away as if to take a trip on contrails of the breeze that zipped by….

Yes, a dream that took me far away, but perhaps never leaving the delicate sand of this beach…


As my mind drifted away, I was reviewing every detail of this man’s features from his athletic build to his auburn brown hair. I didn’t know what color his eyes were, as they were hidden behind a pair of aviator sunglasses.  He wore loose-fitting shorts and a baby blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his forearm.  I could feel the sense that he may have been watching me from afar.  I wondered what was running through that mind of his to send such a flirtatious look to me.  I felt the shade of a shadow draped over me and I could see him standing there, next to me, looking down.   I looked up and saw a mere silhouette.  Was it the man I last saw sitting on the rockwall?


He asked if the spot next to me was taken and I said, “No, feel free to take it.”  He said, “Thank you…” and the shade disappeared and I could hear him take his flip-flops off and sit.  He then remarked on what a windy day it was and that he was surprised to see anyone at the beach.  I said, “Not even a rain storm could stop me from coming today.”  Perhaps there was some small talk that took place as the time between thoughts was but a flash.  He asked if I had remembered my sunscreen, as the sun reflecting off the lake could be harsh to my soft skin.  I smiled and said, “You are very observant. I did use my sunscreen but not on my back.”  He then very casually offered to apply some to those areas in need… I took  a polite moment and then said with a smile, “That would be generous of you…”  Moments later I felt a string of cold wet drops as they touched my upper back making a milky trail to where my swimsuit stopped, and my hips began.  I could feel my skin react to the cold feeling and I let out a breath. Then ever so firmly, but with a careful touch, I could feel his hands as they worked to evenly distribute the sunscreen.  It was the gentle massage on my shoulders that had me feeling pleased with that sensation.  As he massaged, he was speaking, but not a word was heard.  Soon he stopped talking but his hands communicated just fine.

He re-applied a little more sunscreen and I smiled with delight knowing this blissful feeling would continue.  His touch made its way to my shoulder blades and then to my spine as he worked to release the tension.  He made his way to my lower back….


It was then that I had that tingling sensation that touched every nerve of pleasure and my breathing increased just a little.  Those sensual parts were brought to life with each and every touch.   His hands moved to my legs and I thought I would melt like a piece of sweet chocolate left too long in the sun.

Realizing this intense feeling was getting stronger, I sighed, as if I were brimming with feelings I had to act on. But I felt paralyzed while lying on my tummy.  His hands made their way alongside my legs and up to the sides of my flank, touching every peak and valley, leaving me dripping with desire without even stepping foot in the lake.

And then, suddenly, his touch was lost, gone perhaps on the contrails of the breeze that blew by.  I rolled over onto my back feeling as if I were left breathless and wanting more.  I opened my eyes not knowing what to expect, as I wrestled with the knowledge this was just a dream… there next to me appeared an indentation to where someone may have once sat, but empty.  I looked over expecting to see him, somewhere … anywhere… but no sign of him.  I blinked a couple of times to see if I was truly awake, as I was left confounded at what took place.  There next to me was the sunscreen, but I didn’t see a footprint in the sand…


I turned to look out at the beach and noticed there were more people than when I closed my eyes. But the waves were getting higher and the winds began to pick up some more.  I looked at my watch and realized that it had been an hour since I laid down on the sand.  I sighed deeply, remembering the very vivid dream I fell into and thinking, “What a day to spend at the office…”  Alas, I did open my laptop and do a little work but those delicious thoughts that came to me in my dream could not be escaped.  After about 20 min of work and lack of concentration, I packed up my work and took a couple long deliberate looks at the lake as if to release my dream into the water where it belonged and with that I smiled…


As I turned to walk up the beach to the sidewalk, I could feel a sense of something familiar.  That feeling of being watched from afar.  I looked to my right and there was the man in the blue shirt, standing with his hands in his pockets. He stopped staring at me and quickly turned to look toward the lake. His shades were now removed, and he glanced over at me and it was hard not to notice his eyes had an intense and inquisitive look as if they pierced right through me.  It was clear as the Tahoe waters, that this was the man I saw sitting on the rock wall.  He took a step toward me and stopped, as if he couldn’t find the courage to approach.   I gave him a quick, purposeful smile and turned to go on my way.


The day started off as if I were stuck in an aviary, being pecked at from all directions. But I found my way to the beach to get lost in a dream where seagulls flew freely watching from above and the wind brushed against my skin with the most seductive and flirtatious feel. Perhaps a cloud or two created a shadow of shade every now and again…   I removed the “Do not disturb” sign as the meeting was now over and deemed successful.  Yes, a rest day for my body, but my mind was alive with tempting thoughts that percolated to every warm part of my physical being and infusing my spirit with a sense of gratification that energized me to restart my day.

The thoughts I had on the beach were unexpected, delightful and enough for me today.  As I drove away, I saw him one last time as his eyes followed me out of the parking lot.  And as I left, my phone began to make noise again, but I knew that reception would be lost in a mile or two and so I decidedly played my favorite song, “Best days of my life”, opened the moon roof, let my hair down and sang from my heart…

Feeling relaxed, gleeful, and vibrant… wondering what tomorrow will bring…


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