Day 43: Flower power…


“The Greater part of happiness depends on our disposition not on our circumstances”

-Martha Washington






The day was long and busy as usual.  I was in need of a new perspective and finding my smile… some way, somehow…  I remember that my physical therapist had recommended a running/walking trail but I never did get around to exploring it.  So, I decided today to take on something new and this was going to be the adventure.

The walk to the recommended trail began where I parked my car.  The route had me winding through a neighborhood with old trees and quiet streets.  It was reminiscent of my life back in the Midwest.  There was a man mowing his lawn and a couple people I passed on my walk that were happy to respond to my evening greeting.  In Reno, the trees are mostly small except in the older parts of town, so the sight of majestic trees is something to behold.  This neighborhood had tall mature trees that sheltered me from the evening sun and the sound of the leaves in the breeze was music to my ears.  As I walked, there was much on my mind.  I was contemplating a potential move, work stresses, and the hopeful thoughts for a resolution to the knee pain that seems to be ever-present these days. I was trying to remember what life was like before I had the constant knee pain and when I could return to those days of walking without that unwelcomed guest.  Definitely many thoughts on my mind without any clear plan on how to accomplish a homeostatic state.

I was checking my GPS for where the entry to Anderson Park was, and I looked up and found the trailhead right in front of me.  At first, I felt unimpressed as it appeared to be very ordinary compared to the glowing recommendation that was made to me… or so I thought.


I continued for about 3 minutes until I was greeted by the happiest daisy wildflowers that grew alongside the trail. The setting sun was in a position highlighting their happiness as if to remind me that what I was focusing on was neither important enough to remember or significant enough to focus on.  These daisies seemed to come alive as they danced in the setting sun’s last rays.  I stopped, took many photographs and just reveled in the beauty.





The trail went through a pasture of grass that would flex and bend when the breeze came through.  In the distance I could hear the sound of horses playing and the scent of horse manure would occasionally waft by.  Before I knew it, I had forgotten all about what compelled me to leave life’s stresses for a little bit and get lost on a new trail.  It was a short 3 mile walk, but it gifted me with visions of daisies that helped erase the stresses of the day and replace them with a canvas of art that no man could create.




“Where a flower blooms, so does hope” –Lady Bird Johnson

Flower power never felt so good… Wonder what tomorrow will bring…


4 thoughts on “Day 43: Flower power…”

  1. “There are always flowers for those who want to see them”~Henri Matisse

    The endorphins we get from running make us feel great, but I find there nothing that makes me feel better than the endorphins get from the beauty of nature.

    1. Now there is one of my favorite quotes… Yes, the appreciation of nature is always there if we choose to accept it… It is amazing how taking the time to enjoy nature can take our minds to a different, more positive state… Perhaps sometimes we just need that reminder…

      Thank you for sharing that quote and comment, Neal! Keep smiling..

  2. I really love walking! Lovely photos by the way ♥
    I am a walking problem let’s say lol, this means in one hand I must exercise due to my illness and in order to keep my muscles working but on the other hand I was told by my rheumatologist that I have to reduce a lot my walks otherwise I’ll get worse fast because of my hip and spine problem. Pains.. Pains are 24/7 and only I know how hard it can be going out for a walk! But I over do a lot most of the time then I have to pay the price. Anyway, I love photography and the best medicine for me during a walk is taking photos of beautiful flowers and share them with people on Runkeeper app and on Flickr, G+ or tweeter. I feel that everything is going to be all right as long as I have flowers to photograph. Where I live there’s no quiet parks to relax or to run away from the noise that maddens me so much, so most of my walking exercises are in the middle of the traffic in the crowded city. The positive thing is that I can always get a glimpse of a pretty flower or a lovely landscape over the river.

    1. Thank you for your comments Paula! It is amazing how therapeutic and what a gift it is to take in natural beauty and then to be able to capture it in a picture only to refer to it later. There are many times when the day just doesn’t seem to work the way I had hope and the frustrations mount and I will open up my photo album and just peruse through the pictures as if I were on a walk. Those memories help the stresses minimize themselves even if for just a little while.. 🙂 Constant pain to varying degrees can be very burdensome for not only the body but the mind. I admire your determination to continue to do what makes you smile even if it means walking through pain to find it! 😉

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