Day 42: A few of my favorite things…

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.”

Joel Osteen


As of last week, I decided to take at least one day to rest and today not only did I rest but I wanted to use my time to reflect on things I am grateful for.  So often is the case that we find ourselves complaining about the things that don’t go right in our lives that today, I decided to try and focus on the things in my life that I am ever grateful for!  Today, I am sharing that small list with the world…


My list of people, places, things and feelings to be grateful for…

-My family and close friends in my life that I love and love me….

-My close friends that I trust and trust me with the very important feelings, details and plans in and of their lives.  For the support that we give each other and the smiles and laughter that we share…

-The sun making my day warmer and brighter.


-The ability to walk and stay active.



-An incredible sexual passion, desire and pleasure.…. Seriously, one of life’s most awesome gifts!


-Chocolate, the saving grace of most stressful days.

-Nature and all the beauty I have been lucky enough to record so I can remember moments that made me smile…


-Coffee… You keep me going when my mind and body are feeling lazy…



-My iphone… you do so much for me, my day would be lost without my way to communicate!

-My grey robe, I am comforted just by slipping you on and getting comfy after a long day.

-The sound of wind through the aspen trees… you lull my mind into a state of rest and relaxation.

-The ability to swim like a dolphin… getting wet and enjoying it!

-Enjoying every breath taken and every new experience to be had.

-Music, my heart sings when I hear you!

-Any body of water, but Lake Tahoe is a treasure I am ever grateful to be near.


-Daisies… They just seem so happy!


-Weather changes… because not every day can be sunny and they remind me that change is important and good… and there is nothing like the anticipation of a good storm or a walk in the rain/snow…



-A tree changing colors in the fall… you are a photographer’s dream!


-My Buddha statue that sits in front of me every day and reminds me to do nothing less than smile…


-Every person I meet each day, you teach me something new whether I want to learn or not.

-My five senses that make me feel alive!

-The ability to smile… burns more calories than crying!

-Peanut Butter… what is not to love about this rich indulgence?

-Seeing the sunrise and sunset



-My pillow for letting my head rest when the day is over…

And so the day was spent resting my mind and body, enjoying a couple sweet indulgences and relishing the feeling of being alive and healthy enough to enjoy every minute not knowing when the last day will be.

If I had more hours in a day I could not list all the things I am grateful for, so each week I will add to my list and nourish my spirit with humility and appreciation for this thing called “Life”… feeling ever grateful to be here… Wondering what tomorrow will bring!

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