Day 3: A Taste of India

 “You can take the horse out of the race, but you can’t take the race out of the horse.”


I arrived at my appointment with a bit of excitement and a little trepidation.  What will Dr. Fisher in Fort Wayne say about Michele and her complicated knee?   The waiting room was full and I was greeted by friendly and helpful office staff.  I was at ease with my decision to have this consultation.  Dr. Fisher entered the room and took one look at me and asked if I was referred to him by Diana, his star triathlete with a partial knee replacement.  I said, “No, but I did review her case online, and if she can return to tri’s, why can’t I?”  He reviewed my case, did an assessment and took some x-rays and came to the very conclusion that the other Doctors I have consulted with have made… “You are a perfect candidate for a partial knee replacement.”  He went on to ask if I intended to run after the replacement.  I said, “Of course.”  He made his obligatory statement about risk. But I wanted him to save his breath–I have heard it all before.  In an effort to be polite, I let him continue.  He candidly said he knew he could not order me not to run. He knew that running to me was like breathing, you could not ask me to stop breathing…  I appreciated his honesty and sincerity.  I acknowledged the risks of running after a replacement, but those are risks I choose to make… I know that if I run on a replacement it may lead to this knee lasting only 10 years instead of 30… but would those ten years of miles of smiles be worth the challenges faced with a failed implant.  For me, the decision is clear.  “You can take the horse out of the race, but you can’t take the race out of the horse.”

I told Dr. Fisher I would be scheduling the surgery for some time this summer and looked forward to this new chapter beginning.  With that, I left the office having found a competent physician that not only understood, but has given me hope.  It only required me to travel over 2000 miles to find it… glad I did!!!

It was now time to head back to Chicago and take on my Quest…. Indian food… I have never eaten Indian food before.  And so I met my sister in the city and we made our way to an Indian restaurant called, “Gaylord’s Fine Indian Cuisine”.  We walked in and were greeted politely by staff and noticed the dining area to be only half full with patrons.  I wasn’t concerned as it was midweek and somewhat late in the evening.  My sister not knowing about my Quest, was curious to find out how it is that her very private and shy sister has insisted on stepping outside her comfort zone and taking on something new and different.   I smiled and we took a look at the menu and placed our order, not really knowing what to expect.


We took a leap of faith and with the help of our waiter we ordered:


Samosa-Crisp, deep-fried turnovers with seasoned potatoes and peas….  Absolutely delish on every level and there was nothing healthy about these perfect little pockets of ultimate pleasure!


Main Course:

Nan-An unleavened type of bread



Murg Badam Pasanda-Delicately seasoned chicken with almonds in a cream sauce… This fits the rule: “A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips”… The chicken was so tender it melted in my mouth and the cream sauce was perfectly rich with flavor.  The dish was not that spicy but fully flavored with spices.


Chicken Gaylord-Marinated chicken tenderly cooked over a low heat with bell pepper, onions and spices.  It was the perfect sweet and spicy dish… incredibly flavorful!


Rice Dish:

Mutter Pulao- A richly aromatic rice cooked with fresh peas, saffron, cloves and cardamom.  The rice was not overtly spicy, but rather the flavors were infused into the rice in a delicate manner.


Pista Kulfi-Unchurned ice cream with fresh pistachio and almonds.  The ice cream pieces were in 2”sq cubes and the rich and decadent flavor was worth every bite… there was nothing low-fat about this indulgence and no reason for it either!


My sister and I not only indulged in some fantastically delicious Indian cuisine, but we chatted about my Quest and the exciting adventures that await.  She appreciated me sharing the journey that lay ahead and we laughed, shared stories and I have no regrets, simply fantastic fond memories of a new adventure and a relationship that I have missed for so long… every reason to smile…

Completely surprised….  Wondering what tomorrow will bring…



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    1. Seriously???? How outstanding is that! I am guessing you have eaten there? If not, you must go and prepare to indulge!!! I have to say, I do love Indian food now… but like all simple pleasures, everything in moderation! Thanks for reading Luki and I do appreciate the comments! Take care, my friend! 🙂

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