Day 15: Era semplicemente ok… It was just ok… ;)

“People who love to eat are always the best people!”  

-Julia Child


Today I decided to taste something new and with my Italian playing tricks with my tongue these days, no better time than to try an Italian sweet treat.

The item tried today was DolcideA Morbidosi- A traditional Italian Nougat.  The bar described itself as “soft almond nougat with forest fruit”.  The nougat felt soft and the color was a light pink.  My initial thoughts were that I do enjoy almonds and cherries and of course, being German, how can I not like nougat?!  I slowly unwrapped the package and the nougat clung tightly to the wrapper.  Finally, I was able to separate the two and readied myself for the first bite.  As I brought the nougat to my lips, I did not detect much of a sweet aroma.  I took the first bite and was left wondering if I wanted a second.  The taste was a bit bland, but the almonds and cherries were flavorful.  The nougat had an almost wafer-like taste to it…. nothing spectacular.  I decided to take a couple more bites and the taste began to grow on me.  Before I knew it, the entire nougat bar had been eaten but perhaps that was because I was that hungry!  I am  not sure I fell in love with this mouthful of sweetness.



I would say that this intended sweet treat was era semplicemente ok….   It was just ok…  I tried, I conquered and I can live without this one!  Wondering what tomorrow will bring!


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    1. Thank you for you for reading my blog and your kind comments… I hope that I can continue to provide you with material you can relate to! Thanks again and keep smiling… 🙂

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